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Here you will find all the latest and greatest in promotional tools...

We introduce to you, our evergrowing environmentally friendly range. With almost 150 products covering everything from mugs and bags, to notebooks and keyrings, you are sure to find something that suits your style and budget. Did you know that more than 90% of plastic in the UK is not recycled? Well we can help tackle that, one promotion at a time, with the new recycled umbrella made from 5 plastic bottles, or with the new recycled lanyard, made from the same material. We even now supply pencils made from recycled pallets and clothing that has no carbon footprint! Click on the image to the right for our full list of environmentally friendly products.


We introduce to you, WCM + A; British manufacturers of badges, promotional merchandise and awards. This year, they have released a brand new range of real wood awards in a choice of walnut, cherry or oak wood. Each product is 100% recycled, natural and British, as well as being totally unique to you due to a choice of both laser graving or a 4 colour process print being available. Contact us today for more information on the products on offer, and for a more in depth introduction to WCM + A, just click on the video link to the right!


We introduce to you 'Senator Pens,' Europe's leading suppliers of promotional pens, and a company you can access through Pinfold Promotions. With 98 years experience, the trust of the worlds top 10 brands and ink that lasts upto 16x longer than competitors, 'Senator Pens' is a supplier that truly stands out. Whether you want traditional, colourful or eco-friendly merchandise, contact us today about 'Senator' and their extensive range. For more information, we have a handy video for you to watch, just click on the banner to your right!


We introduce to you, the 'Compostable Pot;' smart packaging that helps protect the environment! These pots are certified compostable, which means that within just 12 weeks of being thrown away into food waste recycling, they will turn into compost. These offer the perfect opportunity to impress clients by offering a green alternative to a promotional favourite!

Please contact us for more information.


We introduce to you, 'The Smart Book;' a notebook that integrates good-old fashioned notetaking with brand new technologies and one that is sure to impress potential customers. The concept combines notes on all devices, including on the free smartphone app and on cloud computing, allowing users to amend notes from anywhere in the world without being constrained to a physical book. For more information, we have a handy video for you to watch, just click on the banner to your right!

Product coming soon to Pinfold Promotions.


We introduce to you, 'The Webcam Cover;' an object that is placed over a webcam to allow for cyber safety. When the webcam is in use, the cover simply slides open. As seen in the image to the right, the print space uses a large proportion of the cover, meaning that the products users are seeing your images every time they use their device!


We introduce to you, 'The Cinema Lightbox Keyring!' An LED light up keyring reminiscent of those famous retro cinema signs. Provided with 75 mini letters, numbers and characters, this keyring allows for constant personalisation as your customers can create any phrase they want, whenever they want; and as the product comes with batteries, they can start straight away! We are bringing you a miniature version of a very much on trend product that is gracing homes up and down the country; so what are you waiting for?

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