Lucie recommends..

Listen to your music on the go with these compact wireless earbuds. The stylish earbuds come supplied in a white charging case which is perfect for keeping the earbuds safe when not it use. Approx. 4 hours charging time and 7 hours listening time.

The Bio Universal is recyclable. It's special because unlike other plastics it breaks down much faster. Once disposed of, in a few years it becomes food for microbes leaving behind no microplastic. The Pantone of the lid and tumbler is 7499C.

Infusion is a fully bespoke range of notebooks, as standard this soft feel PU notebook (31 PU options) comes with 112 ivory lined sheets, ribbon, pen loop, elastic, debossing/foil blocking, individual shrink wrap packaging. Other personalisation options include: printed pages, tip-in pages, belly bands, presentation boxes, colour edges, pockets, and other sizes available too.