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ECO Friendly lid sealer. Pantone colour matched. This amazing products clings to the top of any mug, cup, tin or jar sealing it air tight

Recycled Paper Stick Pen by Green and Good. Natural recycled paper barrel pen available with or without lid, 4 colour options.

Sustainable PEFC wooden pencil with eraser

Sustainable PEFC wooden pencil without eraser

Natural wood pencil with eraser.

Wooden pencil with eraser. Made using sustainable timber. FSC Certified.

Recycled CD case pencil, available in 13 popular colours. Made in the UK.

Recycled Paper Pencil with Eraser

Recycled Money pencil with eraser

Twist Action budget recycled pen in black or white

Recycled Denim Pencil with Eraser

Recycled Plastic Lunchtray Pencil with Eraser

FSC certified wooden pencil with eraser

FSC certified wooden pencil without eraser

Flexible 15cm ruler made from recycled polypropylene

Retractable ballpen made using recycled plastic bottles.

Indispensable in any office! Most popular Sticky Notes pad size!

Retractable ballpoint pen made from recycled cardboard.

Stick Pen made from Recycled Denim

Stick Pens made from Recycled Money

Stick Pen made from Recycled Newspaper

Twist Action retractable pen made from recycled CD cases. Available in 5 colours.

Rectractable ball pen made from recycled CD Cases

Derived 80% from plants and is 80% biodegradable/compostable. Great range of colours. Black ink.

Push button pen made from recycled water bottles

Push ball pen made with recycled carton barrel and ABS point and clip. Blue ink, refill and soft touch tip.

Recycled Badge 55mm with Safety Pin

Made using 100% recycled tyres. Available as square and round shapes. Made in the UK.

Derived from 80% corn and is 80% biodegradable. Black ink.

Recycled paper carrier bag with flat tape handles

This high quality keyring, made in the UK from recycled plastic. Made in black plastic. Digitally printed up to full colour. Large print area available on both sides.

Twist action retractable ballpen, available in a wide range of colours

Salvador ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pen with click action mechanism. Recycled carton and ABS plastic.

sustainable wooden pencil without eraser, Black

Great value 15cm Recycled Ruler

Propelling pencil with eraser made from recycled plastic bottles.

Flexible 30cm ruler made from recycled polypropylene

Propelling Pencil made from recycled plastic water bottles

Recycled tyre loop Key ring. Made in the UK.

Recycled Keyring 45mm, available square or round

Natural wooden ball pen with transparent cap. Black ink.

Made using biodegradable plastic. Retractable ballpen available in 7 different frost colours.

Sustainable paper carrier Bag with twisted "cord" handles

sustainable wooden eco pencil with eraser, Black



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