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Retractable knife. Clear finish and coloured body.

Retractable blade box cutter pen knife with small hole for attaching to keyrings and lanyards.

Hoost cutter knife. Cutter knife with automatic retractable blade. Plastic.

Plastic serrated serving knife.

Stainless steel slim blade box cutter pen knife. Built in clip on the reverse.

Stainless steel kitchen knife with matching blade cover.

Oscar 5 function pocket knife. Pocket tool with knife, spring loaded scissors, tweezers, toothpick, nail file and mini metal split keyring. ABS plastic.

Stainless steel seven function pocket knife includes corkscrew, Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, knife, file and a can opener.

Multi-function pocket knife in anodised aluminium finish. 11 functions.

Stainless steel pocket knife with eleven functions. Includes a bottle opener, can opener/flat head screwdriver, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, two saws, pair of scissors, two small knives, a large knife and a wire bender.

Stainless steel and aluminium retractable blade box cutter pen knife. Ribbed for easy grip. Built in hole for attaching to keyrings and lanyards.

Milo waitress knife. Waitress knife with wooden details. Presented in a gift box. . Exclusive design. Stainless steel, wood and tin.

One piece steel and pakkawood pocket knife which is a material of exceptional quality and long lasting beauty.

Ranger pocket knife. Pocket knife with blade, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, nail file, cap lifter with crate opener and flat headed screwdriver. Including mini metal split keyring. Aluminium.

Main 3-piece knife set. Three piece knife set includes a chef's knife, serrated knife and paring knife. Blades have a non stick coating which allows the cut ingredients to easily slide off the blade. Presented in an Avenue gift box. Stainless steel and plastic.

Semmy 15 function knife. 15 function knife enriched with a wooden inlay. Includes tin gift box. Metal.

Stainless steel knife block set.

Folding utility knife. Folding utility knife with a replaceable cutter. Features a liner lock to safely hold the open blade in place. Pouch included. Packed in a STAC gift box. Aluminium.

Ceramic blade kitchen knife in presentation box.

Stainless steel four piece knife set.

3 piece Japanese style knife set in black paper gift box. Stainless steel blades with PP plastic grip.

Terra folding knife. Stainless steel blade with an aluminium handle. Features a liner lock to safely hold the open blade in place. Packed in a Marksman gift box. . Exclusive design. Aluminium and Stainless steel.

Stainless steel cheese knife set stored in a wooden knife block. Included in this set are five knives with each handle a different colour. The perfect accessory for a kitchen and dinner party.

Deltaform knife with carabiner. Single blade folding knife with a stainless steel titanium coated handle and blade with an integrated saw. Easy gripping area on the handle. It's equipped with an integrated karabiner and clip which makes this item easy to carry. For added safety, it features a liner lock to safely hold the open blade in place. Feature card in EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/NL is added for your convenience. Packed in an Elevate gift box. Exclusive design. Stainless steel.



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